Why are hundreds of New Zealand citizens being flown thousands of kilometres away from their families and locked up in an island prison? What goes on there?

No one has paid closer scrutiny to Australia’s deportation regime than Christchurch woman, Filipa Payne. She meets the broken and desperate, and brings their stories out from behind the barbed wire.

This week we join Filipa on her latest mission - to the middle of the Indian Ocean. 

Reporter:       Mark Crysell
Producer:       Louisa Cleave
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Martin Anderson  
Editor:            Ben Selkirk
Graphics:       Andy Smirnov  


Stolen, drugged and sent far from home – a cruel trade is tearing baby orangutans from their jungle homes to be sold abroad. We go inside a smuggler’s story - and meet the warriors risking their lives to save the great apes from extinction

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