Jamie Joseph is a young woman on a critical mission - to save her beloved African rhinos. With rhino horn worth more than diamonds, gold or cocaine gram for gram, rhino poaching is lucrative and trying to stop it, seriously dangerous.

For almost two years SUNDAY has followed Jamie as she’s worked to build a case against an alleged rhino poaching kingpin and also against the magistrates that she claims allow poachers to keep on killing, all the while drawing strength from her amazing supporters in New Zealand.  

Reporter:        Gill Higgins
Producer:       Kim Peacock
Editor:            Paul Anderson
Cameras:        Ken Dorman, Gary Hopper, Cherique Pohl


It’s the ultimate cold case. The body of a man is found buried in the snow, high on a remote mountain range. But this is no accident – he’s been murdered.

His body though has been snap frozen in the ice, perfectly preserved, providing compelling clues to his fate, some 5,000 years after he died. 

We bring you the amazing forensic work that solves this murder mystery like no other.

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What became of The Beach Boys? This week they reveal their biggest secrets, their drug habits, how the band was torn apart, and why they’re still performing 50 years on. 

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