“P” is for pure methamphetamine and it’s causing serious harm to our children. Doctors say they are seeing a rise in the number of Kiwi babies being born with physical effects from their mothers’ addiction. 

And they have no idea how those children will be affected in the future.

Are we raising a new generation of damaged children whose parents aren’t equipped to help them?

SUNDAY steps into the lives of the Kiwi kids who are raising themselves and their siblings,  because their parents are addicts. 

Reporter:       Janet McIntyre
Producers:       Julia Sartorio. Mava Enoka  
Editor:            Bleddyn Parry
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Joseph Day & Martin Anderson


Ben Felten is totally blind. So what he’s attempting is seemingly impossible - racing on a motorbike across the desert at record-shattering speed. 

Ben wants to become the fastest blind person ever on two wheels. It’s an inspiring dream, but one that could prove to be deadly. 

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