It’s clean green versus oil and gas.  Who will have the power? The newly-announced government freeze on offshore oil and gas exploration means an industry born in Taranaki over 150 years ago, could end up dying there too. SUNDAY looks at the local impacts of a global climate change movement and plans to completely overhaul our energy supply. It's a multi-billion dollar sacrifice, but are the environmental gains significant, or merely symbolic? 

Reporter:       Tania Page
Producer:       Paul Deady
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Andrew Dalton  
Editor:            Bleddyn Parry 


And … remembering one of New Zealand’s forgotten artists. Leonard Victor Mitchell was a sought after portrait painter and award-winning landscape artist who died penniless – isolated by the art establishment both here and overseas. But now, for the first time since he died almost 40 years ago, Leonard’s incredible legacy is on display.    

Reporter:        Mark Crysell
Producer:       Kim Peacock
Editor:            Paul Anderson
Cameras:       Gary Hopper, Andrew Dalton