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Sunday – The Wall

  • Sunday 16 Jul

President Trump promised to build a wall the length of the Mexico-US border, and it helped get him elected. Why is the idea so popular? Channel 7's Mike Amor visits both sides of the border, meeting fearful ranchers on one side and desperate would-be migrants on the other.

    • Thursday 21 Sep
    • 17 hours left to view

    Coming up this week on Sunday.

    • Sunday 17 Sep

    He's been a MP for 33 years, a Minister, a deputy Prime Minister but Winston Peters is still something of a mystery to voters. At 72, is he fighting for political relevance or will he be in the driver's seat once again when it comes to forming the next government? He consistently refuses to say which way he will go but a week out from the election, he's allowed SUNDAY to jump on board the straight talk express.

    • Sunday 17 Sep

    The Kiwi dream of home ownership is becoming just that - a dream. We now have the lowest rate of home ownership in nearly seventy years. And that's because for decades now, house prices have increased much faster than most incomes... leaving a generation of renters... often in old, run-down accommodation. But, ahead of the 2017 election, can renters flex their political muscle and demand better conditions?

    • Sunday 17 Sep
    • 16 hours left to view

    These are the felines making an absolute fortune - cats who've become internet sensations, starring in viral videos and funny photos and raking in mega bucks for their owners. It's become a million dollar business - but why this fascination - even obsession - with the behaviour of cats?

    • Sunday 17 Sep

    Hundreds of metres below the earth's surface two men struggle to discover a new entrance into one of New Zealand's most spectacular caves. Mike and Dave love being deep underground. The friends and cavers are on a mission to find a new entrance to a spectacular cave. It's dark, it's muddy and it's confined - perilous danger mixed with a childlike obsession with crawling around in the mud.

    • Sunday 10 Sep

    How far would you go to get justice for your father? Ross Bush's family began their fight after he was killed when a building collapsed on him in Christchurch's massive 2011 earthquake. A Royal Commission found the building was wrongly declared safe following the first 2010 earthquake, after an engineer's insufficient inspection. But six years on there has been no apology, no accountability, and no closure for the Bush family.

    • Sunday 3 Sep

    Dr Claire McLintock knows cancer all too well - she's fought her own battle and helped other women through theirs. Now her old foe has returned, and this time it's terminal. An expensive drug just released on the New Zealand market could keep her alive for much longer, and for Claire, it's a hope worth betting on.

    • Sunday 3 Sep

    He's lived a lifetime of rock n' roll - but former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist Roger Waters is also an activist - controversial and fearless in his political views. With the release of his first solo album in 25 years, and ahead of touring NZ next year, Waters sits down with SUNDAY for an exclusive interview.

    • Sunday 27 Aug

    When SUNDAY first met Lilia Tarawa, she'd been brainwashed. Born in the isolated religious sect Gloriavale, the 16 year old had been raised to believe everyone in the outside world was destined to burn in hell. Her life was one of obedience and submission. A decade on Lilia is a sassy, young woman who embraces her body, her voice, and her freedom. She finally has a mind of her own. It's been a painful journey, facing her own demons, leaving behind the family members she loves, and finding out who Lilia really is.

    • Sunday 27 Aug

    Back in the early 70's, some Cantabrians had a vision to turn Mount Hutt into a commercial ski field. It was a challenging and inhospitable environment, but Austrian immigrant Willi Huber spent a winter alone on the mountain braving storms to make this skifield dream a reality. What makes Willi's story even more remarkable is his haunting Nazi past as a SS soldier that put him on historys frontline.

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