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Sunday – Return Serve

  • Sunday 6 Aug

He's a superstar athlete on the tennis court, but Bernard Tomic has generated far more headlines for his arrogant behaviour than his undeniable talent. He says he's not concerned about his deteriorating public image, but last month at Wimbledon, Tomic was dropped by a sponsor and slapped with a $20,000 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. Tomic addresses his bad boy behaviour and whether it's all over for the once-so-promising tennis player.

    • Sunday 13 Aug
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    The Kiwi dream of owning your own home seems harder than it's ever been. So how do other countries do it? We go to London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Tokyo and New York - in search of some solutions for affordable housing.

    • Sunday 6 Aug

    She describes them as 'extraordinary circumstances', and this week's elevation of Jacinda Ardern as Labour leader was just that. Can she succeed where four previous leaders have failed and lift Labour out of the doldrums? For her first 72 hours on the job, SUNDAY goes behind the scenes with Ardern as she takes on a challenge which only last month she said she wasn't ready for.

    • Sunday 6 Aug

    For two decades, the Government sent troubled teens to a taxpayer-funded boot camp on Great Barrier Island. It was meant to get their lives back on track. Instead, many say it scarred them for life. They describe a culture of fear, domination and violence. Despite 16 years of red flags, child welfare bosses failed to intervene. SUNDAY asks why.

    • Sunday 30 Jul

    Everyone knows a fussy toddler who wont eat their greens. But some people dont grow out of it, refusing to eat anything except a narrow range of mostly beige food chips, white bread, chicken nuggets and anything else fills them with deep disgust. They suffer from a newly identified and very serious eating disorder called ARFID Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. This Sunday Special documentary goes inside the homes and diets of some of these young Kiwis including teenage Jake Thompson, who ended up with such severe malnutrition he went blind.

    • Sunday 23 Jul

    It's our most commonly diagnosed cancer but also one we just don't want to talk about. Bowel cancer kills 1200 kiwis a year. For men its as common as prostate cancer, for women, as common as breast cancer. A national screening programme is about to launch - but theres a catch. It's only available to those over the age of 60. And that's where the controversy starts.

    • Sunday 16 Jul

    He's the new king of Kiwi motorcycling, performing seemingly impossible stunts on a massive Harley Davidson motorbike. But Kingi Walters' own life story is even more stunning than the dangerous tricks he performs.

    • Sunday 16 Jul

    While the debate over marriage equality rages in Australia, hundreds of same-sex couples are crossing to the ditch to wed here. But behind the happiest of days are also stories of heartbreak, and families torn apart. We speak exclusively to the New Zealand-born pastor confronting his daughter's decision to marry her girlfriend as part of a reality TV series.

    • Sunday 9 Jul

    It's silent and deadly... A killer gene that destroys your brain, robbing you of the ability to think, speak and control your movements. Hundreds of Kiwis are facing this cruel inheritance and there's no cure. But researchers are determined to lift this genetic curse. And they're getting help from a group of ordinary Kiwis from beyond the grave.

    • Sunday 2 Jul

    A rite of passage for many Kiwi teens is turning 18 and getting into bars to get boozed. But you might be surprised to know that our biggest problem drinkers are young women under the age of 24. New research from Massey University shows a small but extreme group of young women abusing alcohol at high levels with serious consequences. SUNDAY goes for a night on the town with the pre-loaders, the party girls and the police.

    • Sunday 2 Jul

    Reon Nolan's father died when he was 11 - his loss and pain developed into a life of crime. In prison, his turning point came after being bashed and strangled in a cell. When a prison officer helped save him, he vowed to turn his back on crime and inspire others needing help. A decade on, hes helping other young men turn their lives around - using mountain bikes as the catalyst for change.

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