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    We are making scientific history. One of our leading scientists is determined to change the lives of millions by helping to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Professor Louise Nicholson is on a mission to get people out of wheelchairs and back on their feet. But shes doing it while fighting a health battle of her own.

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    Greg Foran is the jandal-wearing CEO of retail giant Walmart the largest company in the U.S. Brought in to reverse its declining fortunes, Greg opens up in a Sunday exclusive about his risky plan, the huge pressure he felt to deliver and what its like to be the Kiwi boss of over one million American employees.

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    Kenny McFadden, the man who discovered Steven Adams and shepherded him into the NBA, is now facing the biggest fight of his life - for his life. Kenny has polycystic kidney disease and is surviving on dialysis. An extraordinary act of generosity from the parent of one of the thousands of kids hes coached is giving him another shot at life.

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    Pornography is teaching Kiwi kids about sex and its not pretty. We investigate the rise of online porn and the impact its having on young people. A 26-year-old Kiwi songwriter shares how his life has been destroyed by a crippling porn addiction and experts say hes not alone. Porn addiction fuelled by the chemical rush of online porn is affecting many young men mentally and causing erectile dysfunction. But its not just about addicts. What happens if young people use porn as a key source of sex education? And how does it influence their views on sexual activity and consent? We also visit an LA porn set and interview the actors - what they have to say will surprise you.

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    She knows shell never be called a beauty - but Invercargill mother of three, Christine Brown, just wants to look normal. All her life shes endured stares, taunts and bullying, and since age seven, shes had almost 20 surgical procedures in an effort to fix the deformity she was born with. Her face has forced her into the shadows but doctors have given her one last chance to improve her appearance and embrace life.

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