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    In November 2016 Kaikoura was shaken by one of the biggest quakes in recorded history. With huge landslides and millions of tonnes of rubble, the devastated town was cut off from the rest of the country. Lives were turned upside down, businesses collapsed and the town saw an invasion of hundreds of construction workers who came to be known as the Orange Army. SUNDAY is alongside the mammoth project to reopen the main trunk line along the South Island, and we meet the inspiring, hard-working people who made it possible.

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    Pornography is teaching Kiwi kids about sex and its not pretty. We investigate the rise of online porn and the impact its having on young people. A 26-year-old Kiwi songwriter shares how his life has been destroyed by a crippling porn addiction and experts say hes not alone. Porn addiction fuelled by the chemical rush of online porn is affecting many young men mentally and causing erectile dysfunction. But its not just about addicts. What happens if young people use porn as a key source of sex education? And how does it influence their views on sexual activity and consent? We also visit an LA porn set and interview the actors - what they have to say will surprise you.

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    She knows shell never be called a beauty - but Invercargill mother of three, Christine Brown, just wants to look normal. All her life shes endured stares, taunts and bullying, and since age seven, shes had almost 20 surgical procedures in an effort to fix the deformity she was born with. Her face has forced her into the shadows but doctors have given her one last chance to improve her appearance and embrace life.

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    Next to paying the mortgage, our power bills are one of our most costly household expenses. But what if you pull the plug and live off the grid? Kids with no social media, no tv, no technology we meet the families living a simpler, cheaper life.

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    Are you sick of paying a fortune for trips to the dentist? Many of us just dont go and it leaves thousands of Kiwis suffering every day with untreated dental decay as the most prevalent chronic disease in New Zealand. SUNDAY meets a 26-year old Mum who needs 13 teeth pulled out and asks why with a publicly-funded health system do our teeth not count as important? What needs to change?

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    Born with severe cerebral palsy, Ana was taken as young girl into a childrens centre in Samoa where she faced an uncertain future. But when Kiwi volunteer Anneke Batelaan came into her life both their futures changed in ways neither could have predicted.

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