Jane Levy stars as Tessa, a teenager from New York City who sees life in the suburbs as her unique version of hell. When her dad forces her to move out of the big city, will she survive the culture shock?

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    PG 16-year-old Tessa Altman goes into culture shock when her dad forces her to move from New York City to the strange land of the suburbs.

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      PG George tries to rebuild his relationship with Tessa and introduces her to his new dog. Meanwhile, Dalia shuns Dallas.

      PG When empty-nest syndrome hits the Shay household, Sheila and Fred take in a foster kid named Victor, who they believe to be a mini Ryan. Meanwhile, Tessa puts the breaks on George's friendship with Dalia.

      PG When George lets himself go after the breakup, a worried Tessa calls on George's dad for help. Also, Tessa discovers that Ryan is coming home to visit and bringing his new girlfriend.

      PG Dallas and George divide Chatswin to avoid awkward encounters. Meanwhile, Fred is worried that Sheila is distancing herself.

      PG When Noah is released from a court-mandated anger management programme, George is shocked to find a docile Noah has replaced his former hot-headed friend. Meanwhile, Tessa meets a new-age band who aren't what they seem.

      PG When George becomes enamoured with Chatswin's latest hotspot - a juice bar - Tessa reminds him of their pact to not get sucked into Chatswin culture. This inspires George and Fred to take a trip to New York, which doesn't go to plan.

      PG When Tessa drags Malik and Lisa to a college party, she meets a male version of herself and becomes enamoured.

      PG When Lisa decides to propose to Malik, Tessa isn't sure how to support her friend and turns to George for advice.

      PG Dallas recruits Tessa for a trip to the South to attend her mother's funeral. Meanwhile, George, Noah and Fred go on a group date that results in a stalker for Fred.

      PG When Tessa takes a young social outcast named Alana under her wing, she decides to mentor her protégée for the Miss Chatswin pageant to make a statement to Chatswin society.

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