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Stella is a warm, funny, down-to-earth family saga starring Ruth Jones as a 40-something mum juggling the demands of life, love and the next door neighbour's donkey.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    M Stella makes a startling discovery in her daughter's bedroom.

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      M Things have moved on in Pontyberry. Stella's started training as a nurse, gone blonde and given up on men. But an unfortunate encounter with an angry solicitor is about to turn Stella's world upside down...

      M Stella's getting used to her neighbour from hell, while Emma starts work at the salon and Aunty Brenda turns into an entrepreneur.

      M It's the night of the hair awards and Emma's keeping everything crossed. Meanwhile, Stella and Michael's neighbour war goes up a notch when Ben's escape route is discovered.

      M Stella wonders if she's being too harsh and offers the hand of friendship. Emma offers the hand of friendship too but with very different results.

      M Stella's nursing skills are put to the test. Meanwhile, Luke has a question for Zoe and a girls' night out to see Rylan ends very differently for Emma and her mum.

      M It's the night of the gala dinner and Michael needs a date! Meanwhile, Alan tries to find courage and Luke and Zoe share their news.

      M Stella's all loved up but wonders how deep things really are with her and Michael. After an eventful trip to the seaside, Alan apologises to Celia who tells him a secret.

      M Stella wonders how all three of her children can be in trouble at the same time. Meanwhile, Alan receives some sad news and there are two new arrivals in Pontyberry.

      M Stella plans a fun family adventure. Meanwhile, Emma and Marcus face the music and there's tragedy in store for Michael.

      M Heartbroken Stella puts on a brave face for the wedding and a familiar face returns to Pontyberry for the stag. Emma makes a big decision and Jan makes plans for Michael that will have consequences for them all.

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