Jaina Lee Ortiz and Andy Herrera

Station 19 is the brand new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, which takes place just three blocks down from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

It revolves around a group of young firefighters - their dramatic rescues, and their personal dramas. 

The leading lady is the feisty Andy Hererra (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz).

Her father, Captain Pruitt, steps down after a particularly traumatic fire, and so Andy steps up to lead the charge. 

Ortiz describes her character Andy as independent and hardworking. “She’s a natural born leader. She’s a warrior. She’s definitely an alpha female.” 

Compared to other firefighter shows, women are at the forefront, emotionally and physically. 

But it wouldn’t be a Shondaland drama without some relationship mishaps too… So it seems a love triangle will form between Andy and her fellow firefighters, Jack Gibson and Ryan Tanner. 

If you’re a Grey’s fan, you’ll also recognise Ben Warren (played by Jason George), Miranda Bailey’s husband who recently left his surgical career in favour of firefighting. 

Andy was introduced in a recent crossover episode of Grey’s, when she accompanied Ben to the hospital. They’d rescued two young boys from a house fire, and Andy had to help Meredith to stop one of them bleeding out. 

Jason George as Ben Warren

Rumours are Meredith and Miranda will have some cameo appearances in the upcoming Station 19 as well. 

Ellen Pompeo is on board as an Executive Producer for the spinoff, and it’s written by Grey’s producer Stacy McKee. 

The first season will be ten episodes, released weekly on Fridays (Thursdays in the U.S.) A second season is yet to be confirmed. 

We’re excited to meet this new band of heroes, and see what’s in store for them. 

“All the Shondaland shows have a level of intelligence, humour and human connection,” says Ortiz. “This time we’re swinging axes and running into buildings that are on fire, put a bit of Shondaland sauce on THAT.” 

If one thing is certain, it’s that sparks will fly and the drama will be RED HOT (pun intended). 

Station 19 premieres Friday 23 March at 10pm, same day as the U.S on TVNZ OnDemand.