Tom Sainsbury

Season three of Stake Out is finally here! Once you've binged the entire season, Chris and Tom have a few suggestions for what to watch next...

Tom Sainsbury

1. Friday Night Bites - This series, and it's forefather (sorry - foremother) Flat3, is just such easy, entertaining watching. You feel like you're hanging out with friends for ten minutes and under. The writing is very snappy, but also quite politically charged. So you have a laugh and a think. What more could you want?

2. The Adventures of Suzy Boon - I love this series because of Kura Forrester. Kura Forrester. Kura Forrester. I could watch Kura Forrester do her acting all day. She is so hilarious. The series follows a hapless immigration officer, Suzy Boon (Kura Forrester) and her delightfully, painfully, awkward amblings through her life. It's bliss. 

3. Blade NZ - If you want to see eccentric New Zealand characters, this is the place to go. Ten minute episodes about kiwis and all their unusual beauty. 

4. Hayley's Kitchen - This series is just gag after gag after gag. The host, Hayley Sproull, is a comedy super star. I guess it's also informative...

5. Loading Docs - I love Loading Docs. They are wonderful, bite-sized insights into New Zealand life. Under five minutes and so darned interesting. You can educate your brain during your ten minute coffee break. Particularly Asian Men Talk About Sex and Ajax the Kea Conservation Dog (so darned cute).

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

1. Topp Country - It stars the Topp Twins, so it's a no-brainer for me.

2. Hayley's Kitchen - Light and digestible, great to share with colleges and friends to show that you have impeccable taste in comedy. Hayley Sproull is a comedy hero!

3. Kath & Kim - Kath & Kim is basically the holy bible of comedy for me.

4. Friday Night Bites - If you haven't heard of the Flat3 women, you must be living under a comedy rock. Pioneers of Short Form Comedy in New Zealand.

5. STAKE OUT - Parker and Sainsbury are terrible guys but this show is ok. I'd give it your time. Just so you can say, "I knew those guys before they were criminals", which is inevitably their future. 

All three seasons of Stake Out are available to stream now!