Stage School is the new UK reality-soap, that takes place behind the scenes at the prestigious D&B Academy of Performing Arts. 

But if you think it’s all tutus and smiley singalongs, think again…

These young hopefuls are FIERCE.

They’ll do anything (and walk over anyone), to make their stage dreams come true. 

  1. It’s basically TOWIE mixed with Glee.
    It’s got all the big personalities you’d expect, the ones you love, and of course love to hate. But scattered throughout the monologues and the arguments, the stars share their emotions through song.
  2. You’ll gasp, you’ll cringe and you’ll laugh out loud.
    It will suck you in big time. You’ll be rooting for the underdog, and secretly praying for the diva to get what she deserves.
  3. It’s your university dream life, realised.
    We’re not sure if they even study. Mostly they just organise events and go to parties. It looks like one hell of a great time.
  4. You’ll find yourself singing along.
    The soundtrack is packed with bangers. Bedroom karaoke is encouraged. 
  5. It’s bathed in controversy.
    The show launched to some pretty outrageous reviews in the UK. Every success is met with scepticism at first, right? People thought it wasn’t an accurate representation of arts training, and there was a petition to have it taken off air…
  6. BUT it’s already been renewed for another season.
    Despite its criticisms, the show has gained a pretty big fan base already - enough to lock in a second season. Transmission date TBC, but apparently it will be even bigger and flashier the second time around.
  7. It will fill that hole in your life.
    You know… that feeling that started when you finished watching Love Island

New episodes of Stage School are available daily from 12pm on TVNZ OnDemand. Get involved.