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  • Spotless Episodes

    Season 1

      • One Hand Clapping

      AO When his estranged brother Martin resurfaces, crime scene cleaning company owner Jean is pulled into a dangerous world of mobsters and dark secrets.

      • Carrot and Stick

      AO Martin continues to cause tension in the bastiere household, while both he and Jean are pulled further into the world of crime boss Nelson Clay.

      • Not a Place, a Circumstance

      AO Jean is shocked when Nelson reveals his first cleanup job, and he misses a crucial appointment with Julie. Martin makes plans to flee from London.

      • Someone's Son, Somebody's Daughter

      AO Nelson calls upon Jean to clean up after a politician's drug-fueled tragedy. Julie opens her business. Jean discovers a terrible secret about Victor.

      • Spotless

      AO Jean decides to make a stand when Nelson pushes the boundaries even further; fearing retaliation from Nelson, Martin's actions only manage to land the brothers in bigger trouble.

      • Fallowfield

      AO The past catches up with Martin while Jean finds a potential ally in a new senior law enforcement officer. Julie receives an unexpected commission.

      • Say What You See

      AO Hoping to end his partnership with Nelson, Jean confides in DCI Squire. Julie digs deeper into Jean's secrets. Martin starts an ill-advised affair.

      • True Love Weighs

      AO When Maureen suffers a tragedy, Jean offers to help by using his skills. Victor discovers Martin's secret. Maddy starts a risky online friendship.

      • Rebound

      AO Jean wants to return to normal, but Julie has other plans. Maddy's online friendship leads to big trouble. Martin decides that Victor must die.

      • To Victor, the Spoils

      AO Season Final: Jean and Martin frame Victor, hoping Nelson will kill him. As Julie prepares to leave London, Martin reveals a secret about the past.