The Double Tyre Swing

Objective: Utilise the large, heavy ring to swing teammates one at a time across the pool. 
Risks: Touching the water while mounting or dismounting the ring. Losing balance while the ring is in motion. Teams compete side by side, so distraction can easily lead to slip ups. The pool is wider than the original course, so teams will have to swing higher and jump farther. 

The Double Slammer

Objective: Lift the heavy pillar into an upright position, then clmp up and over the pillar to the exit platform. 
Risks: Extreme strength and teamwork is needed to lift the 6-metre pillar. The pillar spins, making it difficult to grip and climb.


The Mega Slip Face

Objective: Get all members to the top of a steep incline using only their bodies. 
Risks: 6.5 metres high compared the original 5. Constant flood of water from above, making the surface very slippery. Lack of strategy and communication can be dangerous. 



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