The Flying Shield

Objective: Use momentum to propel along a track, while balancing all three members on a small moving platform over water.
Risks: Uneven landing or rapid projection could cause imbalance. Not enough momentum to get the shield to the other side. 

The Tyre Swing

Objective: Utilise the large, heavy ring to swing teammates one at a time across the pool. 
Risks: Touching the water while mounting or dismounting the ring. Losing balance while the ring is in motion. 


The Tilting Bridge

Objective: Get from one platform to the other, crossing a single axle bridge which tilts easily. 
Risks: Losing balance and positioning when team members are jumping on or off. Water slowly drains from the bridge's base, making it lighter and more volatile with every second. 

The Angle Grinder

Objective: Jump and grip a steel beam in unison, to then slide across to the landing platform. 
Risks: Uneven timing on mount and dismount. Shifting weight and causing the beam to spin. 

The Human Ladder

Objective: Climb the rope ladder, and scale down the pole on the other side.
Risks: All teammates must be positioned on the ladder at the same time, making it very unstable. 

The Speed Links *NEW*

Objective: Crawl through a series of hanging tyres, from one platform to another.
Risks: Tyres are unstable, widely-spaced and diffucult to navigate. Lapse in timing and agility will result in a fall. 

The Ultimate Water Gauntlet *NEW*

Objective: Swim 20 metres under, over and through a series of obstacles, including a 2.5 metre high wall.
Risks: Exhaustion, breathlessness, claustrophobia. Team members become waterlogged, hindering their ability.  

The Slip Face

Objective: Get all members to the top of a steep incline using only their bodies. 
Risks: Constant flood of water from above, making the surface very slippery. Lack of strategy and communication can be dangerous. 5-minute time limit to complete obstacle.

The Leap of Faith

Objective: To hang on a thin bar and zip into a wall of water, before dismounting onto the landing platform.
Risks: Slippery hands or weak grip. If dismount isn't timed perfectly, team members won't make the jump.

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