James and the Peaches - Tania, James & Hania

Tanya, James & Hania

Don't be fooled by this team's attire!

This group of friends thrives on competition, and they take their place in the game very seriously. 

Complete rookies when it comes to obstacle course racing, their individual strengths come together to form an unstoppable team. 

Their drive and discipline could see them go far in the competition. 

Why did you apply for Australian Spartan?

Hania: I really want to inspire all the mums out there. You put a lot of yourself on hold when you have family, physically, emotionally and mentally. The We can still do something for ourselves, and the cool thing is we can be an example to our kids too. 

What is it about your team that makes you think you can win? 

Tanya: We're all positive individuals, driven and determined in our physical pursuits. Those qualities are further amplified when we come together as a team. We encourage each other, and push each other to go harder, better, faster and stronger. 

What is the biggest attribute you bring to the team? 

James: We know from working together that I have the most brute force. But the Peaches seem to think I'm good at thinking on my feet and strategising too. 

What do you think the biggest challenges for your team will be? 

Hania: We are not super tall folk, so we might have our work cut out for us with any height challenges. But what we lack in height we make up for in zest and zeal - and where there's three wills, there's a way!