Flaming Kiwis - Josh, Adam & Nick

Josh, Adam & Nick

The demands of the job require these Kiwi firefighters to be in top physical condition. 

With Iron Man, stuntman, and Royal Marine adding to their credentials, they're an unstoppable team. 

Putting their lives on the line every day, they're used to working in an environment where teamwork is essential. 

What do you think your biggest challenge will be? 

Adam: Nothing! Having two pre-schoolers at home, doing Spartan will be my kind of holiday. 

Why did you try out for Australian Spartan?

Josh: To test myself against the best. And to win. 

What is it about your team that makes you think you can win?

Nick: We all come from an environment where teamwork is essential to get the job done. So we'll be able to work well together when we're pushed to our limits. 

What does this opportunity mean to you? 

Adam: This is exactly what I've been waiting for, seriously. Even my late uncle will forgive me absence at his funeral to do this. He would be really proud to see me do well, so it's like a dedication to his memory.