Fish Out of Water - Jamie, Teneale & Paul

Jamie, Teneale & Paul

These true New Zealand heroes spend their days saving lives, and in their spare time you'll find them out on the open water. 

The three friends came together through their love of the ocean. 

Between them, they've earned multiple Olympic and World Kayak titles. 

They're hoping their winning streak will continue onto the Spartan course.

What is it about your team that makes you think you can win?

Paul: We're all accustomed to the mental pressure of racing, and we've learned how to push our bodies further. 

Jamie: We're all extremely competitive, with experience at the top of our fields, including world records and championship titles. We will push ourselves to the limit. We know what it takes to be the best, and we're not good at settling for second place. We're also very methodical in our approach, which may play in our favour when it comes to strategy.

Who's the strongest member of your team, and why? 

Teneale: General strength-wise, Jamie. He's very strong. However, Paul is a ball of muscle and goes forever. He's super enthusiastic, a genuinely lovely guy, and super competitive. So I think the combination makes them a force to be reckoned with. 

What do you think the biggest challenges for your team will be? 

Jamie: We come from very individual sports, so working as a team in a competitive environment will be a new concept for us. However, we all love a good laugh and just seem to gel, which I think will make teamwork easy.