Conquer - Dan, Aaron & Jayden

Dan, Aaron & Jayden

The bromance is real for these salt-of-the-earth Kiwi mates, and now their friendship leads them to the heights of the Spartan course. 

Keen CrossFitters, these guys love a challenge and thrive under competitive pressure. 

Their down-to-earth approach could be their strength, or their downfall...

What made you try out for Spartan?

Dan: This was an opportunity for me to push myself outside my comfort zone. To try something new and unknown, and be vulnerable in front of a lot of people. Hopefully they will see it and be inspired to do the same. 

What is the biggest attribute you bring to your team?

Aaron: I have the important role of ensuring that we perform as a team. I have a strong background in team sports, and captaining teams, so that experience may be crucial. Lately we've been competing as individual athletes in CrossFit, so I'm the glue that ensures we stay strong and operate as one. 

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the course?

Jayden: Our biggest challenge will be the skill aspect. We haven't competed in an obstacle course race before, it's a new experience for all of us. But I believe we will be fast learners, and rise to the occasion. 

Do you have any athletic limitations that could impact your performance?

Dan: Although I have chicken legs and look a bit scrawny, I can actually lift a decent amount of weight! I also have asthma, and that really puts you behind the eight-ball with regard to sport and exercise.