Aviation Bacon - Richard, Maysie & Justin

Richard, Maysie & Justin

Being fit is part of the job for these NZ Police officers. 

Not afraid of a bit of friendly rivalry, they've travelled across the Tasman to show the Aussie Police Force how it's done!

Used to working as a team in high-pressure environments, they're hoping their skills will withstand the epic test of the Spartan arena.

One thing's for sure, these friends and colleagues will give it everything they've got. 

Why would people want to watch you compete in Australian Spartan?

Justin: To inspire people. As a serving member of the NZ Police Force, it's my goal to inspire trust in the public, so they know we're constantly working to keep them safe. And that means being in good shape. We also want to inspire the general public to get stuck in. 

What about your team makes you think you can win? 

Maysie: We're supportive, but motivated to excel. We deal with stress on a daily basis, which I think will help prepare us for this. 

What does this opportunity mean to you?

Richard: Well I won't be doing this to participate, I want us to win it! 

Maysie: This is an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone, and reach some pretty wicked physical limits. To compete with two of the fittest, strongest guys I know, and to prove to them I can not only keep up, but set the pace.