1. It’s familiar, but fresh. 

It’s a classic Aussie dramedy, the type that we’ve come to appreciate and fall in love with these past years. Think Offspring, McLeod's Daughters or 800 Words, but with an entirely new premise. 

2. The female-led cast is exceptional. 

Our very own Antonia Prebble showcases her versatility, as Edie the stiff lawyer. Maria Angelico and Lucy Durack also shine in every scene, and the three of them together are the beating heart of the show. 

Antonia Prebble, Lucy Durack and Maria Angelico.

3. And the characters complement each other perfectly. 

The three central characters are biological sisters, who couldn’t be more different, but they’re united by this great misunderstanding. (And the supporting characters are also full of personality). 

4. It’s relatable. 

Despite the central storyline seeming a little ridiculous at first… it feels genuine and familiar, and it has that close-to-home vibe.  It also explores both the medical and emotional sides of fertility treatment, which affects 1 in 5 Kiwi couples. 

5. It’s witty and uplifting. 

Sisters has heart, without trying too hard. It will have you giggling unexpectedly, then suddenly you’re sobbing (it's cathartic, honest). 

Maria Angelico as Julia

6. It’s bold. 

The script is modern and it doesn’t shy away from intimacy. You’ll see what we mean, about five minutes into the first episode. 

7. It has that social appeal. 

It’s the kind of show you can’t wait to talk to your friends about. Or even better, watch together with a glass of wine. 

8. It’s addictive. 

The story doesn’t move at breakneck speed, but it’s enough to draw you in and get you attached to the characters.

You can stream the entire first season now, right here