Simon is a rabbit who loves everything about being little! Join his adventures as he learns all about the world, starting school and growing up.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Super Rabbit

    G Simon dresses up as a superhero and goes on an important mission.

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      • Hop On Your Bike

      G The whole family goes off on their bikes for a ride to the lake for a picnic.

      • I Can Do It!

      G Simon's grandfather has taught him how to fly a kite and now he is flying circles around an older kid! The older boy challenges him to a kite contest which is way harder. Good thing Grandpa is nearby!

      • Mummy's Treasure

      G Mummy tells Simon and Gaspard that she hid a treasure in the garden at Grandpa and Grandma's house when she was a young girl. Can Simon and Gaspard find it using the treasure map they discover in the attic?

      • Firemen for a Day

      G Simon, Ferdinand and Gaspard have dressed up as firemen and are playing with the gardening hose in the yard. But being a fireman is a very serious job and our three apprentices still have a lot to learn!

      • Nightmare, Go Away!

      G Simon and Gaspard both have nightmares because of the dragon story Grandma read them just before bed.

      • I'll Take Care of It

      G Daddy has thrown out his back! Simon and Gaspard decide they will do all of Daddy's chores before Mummy comes home from work.

      • Daddy's Not Afraid of Anything

      G Simon has decided to try and scare Daddy because surely, even though Daddy is super strong, there must something he is scared of... right?

      • I Really Need to Pee

      G Simon sleeps over at Ferdinand's and has to go pee during the night. Ferdinand won't wake up... will Simon be able to find the bathroom in the dark?

      • We're Going to School

      G There is snow everywhere, so Daddy takes Simon to school on a sled!

      • Happy Birthday Ferdinand!

      G It's Ferdinand's birthday, so he gets to decide everything he does today! Simon and Lou think he's overdoing it. Will they play along until the end of the day?

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