Monday 23 April (6469)

Frank and Jack scare the dead back to life. Kate doesn’t like what she sees. Harper’s control is slipping.

Tuesday 24 April (6470)

Drew can’t let Dylan win. Kate and Zoe fight over Chris. Curtis shocks with a bold new direction.

Wednesday 25 April (6471)

Nicole’s luck finally changes. Curtis’ dream comes at a cost. Zoe makes a desperate choice.

Thursday 26 April (6472) 

Chris gets sucked in. Leanne keeps a dirty secret.

Friday 27 April (6473)

Dylan pays a price. Leanne does her duty. Curtis gets a rude awakening.


Monday 30 April (6474)

A bad day gets worse for Curtis. Drew finds out what lies beneath.

Tuesday 1 May (6475)

Kylie is dealt another blow. Drew is put in his place. Finn makes a devastating mistake.

Wednesday 2 May (6476)

Drew swallows his pride. Zoe is confronted by a grim reality. Vinnie hits back at Finn.

Thursday 3 May (6477) 

Vinnie learns an important lesson. Curtis is on thin ice. Kylie is crushed.

Friday 4 May (6478)

Kylie’s trust is tested. Chris draws a line with Zoe. 

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