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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm on TVNZ 2
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    Spoiler alert! Check out what's coming up in Ferndale.

    Monday 22 January (6408)

    Drew throws his weight around. Kate and Chris face the truth. Vinnie risks it all.

    Tuesday 23 January (6409)

    Vinnie pushes Damo to breaking point. Dawn delivers a tempting gift to Ezra. Jack has a brush with fame.

    Wednesday 24 January (6410)

    Leroy learns no good deed goes unpunished. Jack enters a secret world. Damo can’t guarantee his silence.

    Thursday 25 January (6411)

    Vinnie negotiates with Nicole. Ali gets a nasty shock. Drew’s pride comes before a fall.

    Friday 26 January 

    Shortland Street takes a break this Friday.


    Monday 29 January (6412)

    Damo struggles to let go. Drew spits the dummy.

    Tuesday 30 January (6413)

    Harper faces a sad truth. It’s sink or swim for Damo. Jack gets a rude awakening.

    Wednesday 31 January (6414)

    Jack draws a line in the sand. Dawn makes a rash decision.

    Thursday 1 February (6415)

    Ali and Damo prepare to intervene. Vinnie solves a mystery. 

    Friday 2 February

    Shortland Street takes a break this Friday.