Chris gets a rude shock, this week on Shortland Street.

Monday 20 August (6553)

Finn has an awkward case of mistaken identity. Drew bites off more than he can chew. Dylan shows his true colours.

Tuesday 21 August (6554)

Frank's following a dangerous trail. Jack puts some pep into his life. Chris gets a rude shock.

Wednesday 22 August (6555)

Finn is cruel to be kind. Jack turns over a new leaf. Becky is warned off by an abuser.

Thursday 23 August (6556) 

Becky keeps Curtis in the dark. Finn lives a lie. Dawn comes face to face with her worst nightmare.

Friday 24 August (6557)

Leanne declares war. Zoe doubles down. Dawn's in the safe zone. Frank sees red.


Monday 27 August (6558)

Kylie gives Frank an ultimatum. Leanne doesn't know her own powers.

Tuesday 28 August (6559)

Leanne flies to the rescue. Jack uncovers an ugly truth. Curtis doubts his instincts.

Wednesday 29 August (6560)

Becky's faith is shaken. Frank loses ground with Kylie. Finn's rescue takes an unexpected turn.

Thursday 30 August (6561) 

Frank plays a dangerous game. Curtis and Dawn can't see eye to eye. Zoe's night takes a shocking turn.

Friday 31 August (6562)

Kate battles her guilt. Frank goes too far. Becky can't hide from her nightmare.

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