Did Chris push Virginia down the stairs?

A gunman on the loose, a bus-load of convicts in ED, a showdown on a boat… The 2017 Shortland Street cliffhanger had it all! But here are a few questions we’re hoping will be answered when it returns.

What really happened at the Warner house?

When we last saw Chris, he’d had one too many drinks at The IV and was about to sleep it off at home in bed. A sniper threat will do that to a man.

He woke up later saying Sass’ name, concerned she was in trouble (she was, but we’ll come to that later). Then he found Virginia, at first confusing her for Sass, at the bottom of his stairs like either she fell or was pushed. 

Chris has no memory of what happened or why she is there, but he has a bad feeling it’s his fault. Did he push Virginia down the stairs?

Are Frank and Kylie finally back together?

We love Frank and Kylie together and were gutted when they split. But Frank’s near death experience, when he was shot by the sniper at the start of the cliffhanger, led to a kiss between the former crim and his ex.

Were our Christmas wishes answered?  Are Frank and Kylie back together for good?

Finn tries to save Esther while Curtis looks on

Will Esther die without hearing how Curtis feels?

Esther was in a precarious position for most of the final episode of 2017. Taken hostage by an escaped convict, Esther was held at blade-point while the criminal waited to escape the hospital car park. 

But Curtis and Finn didn’t give up and Esther finally alerted Curtis to her whereabouts in the carpark. Then, just as she was saved, her heart problems caught up with her and she stopped breathing.

The horror of this moment led Curtis to finally admit he loves her, right in front of Finn. But will Esther live to hear Curtis’ declaration of love? And who would she choose: Curtis or Finn?

Will Sass live to boss people around for another day?

We let out a collective sigh of relief when Sass finally shot Mason with a spearfish gun on his boat, but this villain was never going to go down without a fight.

Just when we thought we were rid of him for good, Mason pulled Sass into the water and faster than you could say ‘bye bye Bad Kitty’ she was miles from the boat with no life jacket and no rescue in sight.

But if Sass dies, who will organise the Warner family in 2018?

Sass is in deep water

What happened to the Followers of the Light?

The isolated community that Ezra escaped from and its leader Luke were noticeably absent in the Christmas finale.

The religious fanatics will surely be back, if only to try to take Ezra back into the fold. We’re definitely watching this space!

Was Dawn and Ali’s chance at love ruined by a dodgy trifle?

Dawn wanted everything to be perfect for her first Shortland Street Christmas and we can’t think of anything that could ruin both a party and a potential relationship quite like Ali’s ‘power chuck’ right at a crucial romantic moment.

It was all because Ali selflessly ate far too many servings of Dawn’s Christmas trifle, which Leanne had sabotaged with a bottle of Crème de Menthe.

Is this burgeoning romance now dead? We’ve been shipping this couple for a while, so we sincerely hope not.

Shortland Street returns on Monday January 15 at 7pm on TVNZ 2. Re-watch the final episodes of 2017 here.