Love is in the air! Let's relive some of Ferndale's best weddings, even though they didn't all go exactly to plan...

Dr. Love himself, the one and only Chris Warner, was all set to marry Alison Raynor in 1993. However, Chris never made it to the altar, because he was drugged by the evil Darryl Neilson on the eve of the ceremony. Hurt and distraught, Alison fled the country. 

Sam Aleni and Taleta Palelei's romance was a classic story of cross-cultural forbidden love. Sam was Samoan and TP Tongan, so their families disapproved. They went ahead and got married, but TP's father disowned her, leaving her heartbroken.

Kirsty Knight and Lionel Skeggin's fairytale started without a hitch. However, the ceremony was interrupted by Stuart Neilson, declaring his love for Kirsty. Lionel stormed out, but him and Kirsty were soon reunited to seal the deal. 

Chris Warner's second attempt saw him marry Tiffany Pratt in a beautiful romantic wedding. During the honeymoon however, Chris left to pursue an important job in the States. By the time Tiffany joined him overseas, Chris has already moved on. She returned to Ferndale and filed for divorce. 

Marj's first husband Tom disappeared, meaning that Marj couldn't move on, even though she was in love with Laurie. After seven years of waiting, Tom's death was confirmed, and Marj and Laurie tied the knot at Auckland's Wintergarden. 

Nick Harrison and Rachel McKenna's was a marriage of convenience. Both students at the time, they wed so they'd be eligible for allowances. Nick and Rachel remained best friends in years to come. 

Ellen and David, along with their family, were hugely popular. When Ellen fell pregnant, they tied the knot with a surprise wedding, their guests assuming it was a birthday party at first. Baby Rose was born a couple of weeks later. 

When Dr Ian Seymour arrived in town, it was obvious he was bad news. Cold and heartless, he took advantage of Jenny, eventually marring her and taking over Shortland Street.  

Jonny Marinovich and Tiffany Pratt's wedding was a rather grand affair. It took place in 1998, at the Marinovich family's vineyard. 

Dr MacKenzie Choat, one of Ferndale's best female villains, set her sights on Lionel Skeggins. Their wedding was small and casual, with Lionel's son Luke as their witness.

When young Luke's girlfriend Josie fell pregnant, Luke wanted to do the right thing. The young couple gained their parents' approval, and were married before leaving town to finish school and await their child's arrival. 

Moira Crombie and Dean Cochraine married in 2000, a pleasant union of two families. They never made it to their honeymoon however, as Dean's daughter Erin was expelled from boarding school. 

Tamsin Yates and Dr Alan Dubrovsky were good mates when they decided to get married. Tamsin proposed to Al, so that they could adopt a young boy she'd become fond of. Despite the strange start, the pair eventually came to love each other. 

Donna Heka and Rangi Heremia married in a beautiful ceremony beneath a waterfall. They were taken there under false pretenses, and surprised by a marriage celebrant. They were deliriously happy in the beginning, but sadly, it didn't last. 

Waverly Wilson and bad boy Fergus Kearney were an unlikely couple. They made it to the altar in 2001, only for Fergus to flee when the police showed up. He returned the following year, but Waverly turned him down. She chose Nick, they married in 2002 and never looked back. 

Crazy Jack Hewitt kidnapped Rachel after he dumped her. He forced her into a wedding dress, and staged a creepy mock ceremony. Chris arrived to save the day, and the heartbroken Jack threw himself in front of a car. 

Anne Greenlaw and Victor Kahu's 2002 wedding was a memorable one. Victor was arrested, and the honeymoon had to be postponed. Their brief union came to an end when Victor discovered Anne had been sleeping with his son, Nelson. 

Toni Thompson and Matt McAllister surprised the residents of Ferndale when they eloped. However, Matt never really believed that Toni loved him. Wrongly thinking Toni was cheating on him, Matt slept with someone else. Unable to forgive himself, he abandoned his marriage and left the country. 

Judy Brownlee found love in 2003 with Max Henley. They were blissfully happy, until Max was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. The couple were wed in a moving ceremony by his bedside. Max passed away moments after.

Villainous Dom Thompson and heiress Emily Bredican married for all the wrong reasons. Dom's true love, Delphi, tried to stop the ceremony but didn't make it in time. Dom and Delphi did eventually get together, before it came out that he'd murdered her brother. 

Christmas Day 2004 marked the wedding of childhood sweethearts Tama and Shannon. They tied the knot on the beach in Cheltenham, in a special one hour episode. 

Chris and Toni fell in love, during a working holiday in Fiji. It was the beginning of one of the show's most successful relationships. The lavish 2005 ceremony was dubbed the TV wedding of the year. 

The marriage of Sarah Potts and Andrew Solomon might be the shortest in history. Sarah was a radiant bride, despite harbouring secret feelings for Craig Valentine. Moments after the ceremony, Andrew's ex Robyn showed up, announcing she was pregnant with his twins! It didn't take long for the marriage to fall flat. 

Valentine's Day 2006 was Shortland Street's first ever civil union ceremony. Jay Copeland and Maia Jeffries were united in a romantic ceremony at the Parnell Rose Gardens. The day was slightly marred by the interference of Destiny Church protesters. 

Maia's sister Libby arrived in Ferndale, announcing her engagement. This bridezilla expected her family to pull together a perfect wedding in just four days. Libby was therefore very upset when her husband-to-be failed to show up.

The third Jeffries sister, Tania, surprised everyone when she returned from a holiday with her new husband, Mark Weston. Their relationship had always been unstable, and it ended when Tania discovered that Mark was the sperm donor for her sister Maia's baby.

TK patiently waited in line for his moment with Sarah Potts. They finally declared their lasting love for each other, at a moving waterfront ceremony. Things were tense, when Sarah was running late and TK feared she wouldn't turn up. But Sarah dashed down the pier at the last minute, and the rest is history. 

Scotty and Shanti's Indian wedding was an elaborate affair (it took six days of production to create!). A cultural advisor was brought on board during filming, to make sure traditions were honoured. Both families quarreled over the course of the four day event. Kip Denton slept with Shanti's sister, and Rebecca spiked the punch with alcohol at the reception. 

Gerald and Morgan's 2009 marriage was a surprise in more ways than one. Gerald was a self-proclaimed asexual, and Morgan was pregnant with triplets for another couple. Sharing a genuine affection for one another, they agreed to marry, to strengthen Morgan's case for keeping the babies she was carrying. It was planned as an elaborate affair, but they surprised everyone by secretly marrying at the wedding rehearsal. The couple went their separate ways afterward, but remained close friends.

Kieran Mitchell and Sophie McKay's wedding was controversial, with her being only 18 and him in his 30s. Kieran was harbouring guilt, after framing Rachel for the murder of Morgan, but he kept it to himself. The police arrived at the ceremony however, with evidence to suggest Kieran was involved in Morgan's death. Kieran's brother Sid took the blame, and fled the country, leaving Kieran and Sophie free to seal the deal.

Shorty favourites Libby and Gerald married in 2010 then headed off into the sunset. The friends concocted a plan to marry, so that Libby could get a green card in the USA. The pair said I Do in a beautiful spring wedding, and moved away to make a fresh start. 

The wedding of TK and Roimata was a bittersweet experience for fans. Sarah returned to Ferndale visibly pregnant, and it seemd a reunion might be on the cards. But TK's heart belonged to Roimata by that stage, and he wanted to make a new life with her. However, their wedding day was a disaster. TK fled when he learned that Sarah was giving birth on the side of the road. Rushing to her aid, TK came across a serious car accident. He bravely rescued Hunter McKay, before his car exploded into flames. Roimata was devastated, but TK eventually managed to persuade her of his love. The couple married in a simple ceremony on the beach. 

Bella and Luke agreed to marry in sickness and in health, when Luke was tragically diagnosed with a brain tumor. Bella won a $50,000 dream wedding, but this caused tension between the pair, as Luke wasn't keen on the exposure. The ceremony however, was emotional and successful. Bella's parents Wendy and Murray ducked away to reconcile their love, only to be struck down by a drugged TK behind the wheel of his car!

Boyd and Brooke signed into a marriage of convenience in 2003. Their union angered Boyd's father, causing him to cut his son out the will. Boyd was pleased, as it meant he didn't have to return home and run the farm. Initially they thought it would only last a year, but Brooke and Boyd got along unexpectedly well. They cemented their relationship with a commitment ceremony on their one year anniversary.

Perhaps Shortland Street's most memorable wedding, would be that of Chris and Rachel. After years of break-ups and make-ups, they finally wed in a grand celebration. Surprisingly, there was no drama on the day. Rachel designed her own dress, and organised Chris's favourite band to play as a wedding present.

Two of Shorty's most beloved nurses, Vinnie and Nicole, said I Do in an intimate wedding in their home. They told everyone the gathering was for Vinnie's birthday, then surprised their friends and family with their heartfelt vows. 

In 2016, Ali's Muslim family finally accepted Lucy. At first, they disapproved, but Lucy's kindness won them over eventually. Their wedding followed Muslim practices, with a beautiful ceremony followed by a non-alcoholic reception. However a drunk Rachel crashed the party, making an embarrassing speech and knocking over the marquee as she stumbled. Rachel and several others were injured, and Lucy and Ali were upset with how their wedding day ended.

Boyd and Harper set their wedding date for the end of December 2016, despite some reservations from both parties. Theirs was a union that was never meant to be. A siege at the hospital put everything on hold. The bride and groom changed their route and headed straight to Shortland Street, only to be caught up in the violence. 

Blissfully unaware of the drama, young lovebirds Dayna and George decided to take make the most of the available venue and celebrant, saying I Do in an impromptu ceremony!

The wedding of Leanne and Harold was a simple affair, but perfect for the pair. Curtis Hannah performed at the ceremony, and close friends and family celebrated at the IV. Sadly, their union was short-lived, when Howard disappeared from a cruise ship. His body was later discovered, washed up on shore.

Earlier this year, Kylie returned home from holiday, announcing that her and Frank Connelly had married! The pair hadn't been together long, and Kylie had only recently separated from long-term partner TK. Their whirlwind romance came as a shock to many people, especially Frank's siblings, Sass and Finn.

Shortland Street's 25th year saw Chris's daughter Sass wed to mayor of Ferndale, Mason Coutts. Sass's family has reservations, fueled by Mason's suspicious demeanor, but she was stubborn. They were married in an intimate ceremony, and Chris was forced to suppress his doubts. Sass quickly realised that Mason's reputation was more than just gossip, and she's beginning to worry what she's signed up for...