Over the past 25 years, Shortland Street has seen many types of people come through its doors. The most notorious and memorable are often the villains! 

We all know Mason Coutts can't be trusted. He's shaping up to be one of Ferndale's most formidable baddies. For now, let's take a look back at Shorty's best and baddest male villains. 


1. Darryl Neilson

Darryl was Shortland Street's original bad boy.

From day one, Darryl was wrapped up in a string of lies, not caring who he hurt in order to protect himself. His younger brother Stuart, and Chris Warner were victims of his deceit and obsessions. 

Darryl was also involved in several dodgy pharmaceutical deals, and rape allegations. 

Darryl met his end, when a showdown resulted in him falling to his death. His body eventually washed up on shore, and his killer was revealed to be Kirsty Knight.  

2. Paul Churchill

Paul arrived at Shortland Street to replace Head Nurse Carrie Burton.

His past was suspicious, and it wasn't long before he was exploting his power over the young nurses. He lost his job on the grounds of sexual harassment. 

However, he was re-hired a little while later. His character hadn't changed for the better though, and he was soon sent to prison for assaulting prostitutes. 

He escaped prison, and sought revenge on Carmen and Guy, leaving them adrift at sea. 

3. Ian Seymour

Ian was charming and suave from the day he arrived at Shortland Street. 

Nick began to suspect him, but was eventually won over by Ian's charms. 

Kirsty suspected that Ian was planning to take over the clinic, but couldn't find the proof to expose him.

Ian fled Ferndale when his wife Jenny caught him trying to drown Kirsty. 

After faking his own death, he showed up in Ferndale years later. He managed to escape his crimes once again though, and remains a fugitive to this day. 

4. Oscar Henry

At first, Oscar seemed efficient and competent in his role as Shortland Street's Business Manager. However, his controlling behavior quickly started making people feel uncomfortable. 

Oscar stole $1 million from the clinic, and was mysteriously beaten and left unconscious. Minnie and Fergus were both suspected of the crime. 

It was revealed that he was faking his coma, and he confronted Minnie. She overpowered him, leaving his to perish in an oxygen explosion at the hospital. 

5. Jack Hewitt

Jack first appeared as the lawyer for the Nurse's Union and Shortland Street

Rachel was dazzled at first, not realising Jack's dark and obsessive side.

A jealous Jack kidnapped Rachel when she didn't return his feelings, and tried to force her into marrying him. 

Chris came to Rachel's rescue, and Jack, heartbroken, threw himself in front of an oncoming car.

6. Dominic Thompson

The murderous Dom was one of Shorty's most successful villains. Nobody imagined that Toni's handsome brother would go on to cause so much trouble. 

Dom's first victim was Geoff Greenlaw, who froze to death after being locked in a chiller by Dom. Chris Warner was Dom's ultimate target though. 

When nosy Avril got in Dom's way, he drowned her in the bath. 

He captured Chris and doused them both in petrol, determined that they should go down together. 

Toni rescued Chris just in time, but Dom flicked the lighter and burned to death as the lodge around them exploded. 

7. Joey Henderson

When shy and awkward nurse Joey arrived at Shortland Street, nobody suspected he'd become one of the most notorious villains in the history of the show. 

By the time he met his demise, Joey had killed five Shortland Street staff members, and attempted several others. 

Clare Solomon was his first victim, her body found in a dumpster outside the hospital. Part-time nurse Meg Harris was next, followed by much-loved Jay Copeland. 

Brenda Holloway came close to uncovering Joey's killer identity, but was killed by a lethal overdose before she could reveal it. 

Alice Piper was to be his next victim, but she found the strength to fight back. 

Joey was cornered by the police on the top of a high-rise building. Knowing there was no escape, Joey stepped off and plummeted to his death. 

8. Ethan Pierce

Dr. Ethan Pierce made few friends and many enemies in this time at Shortland Street. 

It was revealed that Ethan had been fleecing hospitals nationwide, through his involvement with a dodgy medical supplies company. 

He manipulated the staff around him, in particular his girlfriend Alice Piper. 

Ethan met his fate when a gunman appeared on his doorstep looking for revenge. He was shot three times as he tried to flee. 

9. Zac Smith

Zac first arrived as a young and handsome toy boy, back in 1995. 

He returned in 2002, winning people over again with his charm and good looks. 

Ten years later, Zac returned again, still appearing to be kind and trustworthy. However, an illicit affair was the first hint of his villainy. 

Zac and TK clashed, and when TK revealed his affair, Zac sought revenge. He targeted TK's wife Roimata, taunting and violently assaulting her. 

Realising he was responsible, TK and Zac tried to convince the police of Zac's guilt. Meanwhile, he'd abducted Roimata, sadistically enjoying TK's pain and frustration. 

Eventually the evidence was enough to see Zac arrested and charged.