As we celebrate 25 Years on New Zealand screens, we’ve been reminiscing about some of the classic memories Shortland Street has given us.

Back in the early days, there was a distinctive theme song that kicked off the show each night. Nowadays it’s a more subtle, instrumental version, though still recognisable.

The original song was composed by Graham Bollard, and performed by Tina Cross. It was phased out in the mid-2000s, but forever stuck in the minds of Shortland Street fans. 

Here’s a refresher for our younger viewers, or those who can’t quite remember the words.


Shortland Street Lyrics

It is you or is it me?

Lately I’ve been lost it seems

I think a change is what I need

If I’m looking for a chance or to dream

Shortland Street


Taking time to hold my place

Yesterday’s another race

Just living for the times we’ve seen

When the writing’s on the wall says I’ll be

Shortland Street


If you want to find a way of searching for another world

It’s hard to see

Shortland Street 

Shortland Street airs weeknights at 7pm on TVNZ 2, or stream episodes right here.