Aaron Jackson as Hayden.

But that is not to say it hasn’t been an eventful week in Ferndale. 

This week saw the return of Aaron Jackson who played Ferndale’s famous - but dead - villain Hayden Crowhurst. 

At The Followers' commune TK (Ben Mitchell) struggled to treat a poisoned Mercy (Moana Johnson) but managed to save her. Luke (Tammy Davis) then feigned repentance for his actions to subdue TK. 

TK later woke up, drugged, with Luke attempting to get inside his head and started having flashbacks to killing Hayden. But the horror is just beginning for TK.

Luke getting inside TK's head.

We last saw Aaron, aka Hayden, on the cliffhanger episode of 2016.

After a struggle of epic proportions, TK killed Hayden to save both himself and Kylie, but he has struggled with it ever since. 

Aaron, a married father-of-one whose main job is a fire-fighter, has been working on other projects since departing Shorty, including Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines and a New Zealand short film called Northland

Other acting gigs followed. He played Kieran Read in the local one-off drama The Kick, a guest role as Horse gang member in Westside and much more. 

Hayden and Kylie in the 2016 cliffhanger episode.

Aaron says he was surprised to get the call for his character to return to the street as he thought Hayden was long gone.

Nonetheless, some exciting things are happening in Ferndale. What will become of TK? How long will Hayden stay in his head for?

All will be revealed next week...

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Shortland Street is taking a break for Easter but will return on Monday 2 April at 7pm. Watch the most recent episodes here!