Finn and Esther with father of the groom, Chris Warner.

The Warner family are like Ferndale’s royalty so any wedding of theirs was sure to be a lavish affair… and we were not disappointed!

The bride wore a stunning crystal-encrusted dress while the groomsmen were all class in black bow ties.

But before the big day had even started, it didn’t look like it was going to go ahead. 

It was obvious Curtis was still in love with Esther and wouldn’t let her go through with the wedding without telling her exactly how he felt.

When he got her parents to the venue just in time, Curtis finally got to have his say.

“I love you Esther and I’ve never stopped,” he told her, asking her to get in the car and leave with him.

But Esther chose Finn and asked Curtis to let her go.

Esther finally walked down the aisle, where Finn said his vows in te reo and Esther’s uncle, TK Samuels, performed a blessing for the newly married couple.

During the reception, Sass discovered Hawks was alive but injured in a hospital in Turkey. 

She decided to leave the wedding to go to the man she loves, asking Chris not to tell anyone until after the party.

While Sass tearfully got in a taxi, Esther threw the bouquet. Is another Shorty wedding already on the horizon?

Esther and Finn’s wedding album: