What's not to love about Dr Boyd Rolleston?

No one was more shocked than Boyd when his former girlfriend and baby mama Eve walked back into his life on Friday – with their twin sons in tow. 

But what does she want from Boyd? And is she back for good? Tune in to the hour-long premiere of Shortland Street Sundays this week to hear what Eve has to say. 

In the meantime, here are six reasons we love Dr Boyd Rolleston!

1. He is totally happy with who he is

He knows who he is and is totally unashamed. A date to the observatory, an Antiques Roadshow marathon – who wouldn’t want to hang out with Boyd?

2. He makes friends with everybody

Ever seen Boyd say a bad word about anybody? Nope, he gives everyone a fair go and could easily make conversation with anyone in Ferndale.

3. And then supports them through their emotional issues

Let’s face it, without Boyd, Drew probably would have ruined his relationship with Harper by now. He was also there for Sass in her hour of need. 

4. He is often the moral compass of Shortland Street

As Kylie said this week ‘he’s one of the good ones’. You can always count on Boyd to correct Drew when he’s being insensitive and he’ll always do the right thing. That’s just who he is.

5. So he would make an amazing dad

If there’s anyone out there who could raise two well-adjusted sons, it would be Boyd. He’d teach them the importance of honesty and compassion.

6. He’s Shorty’s answer to Ross Gellar

Boyd is the perfect mix of intelligent and goofy which reminds us of Friends’ own palaeontologist Dr Ross Gellar. He just needs to find his Rachel.

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