Mo surprises Kate with a ring

Borrowing the words of Beyonce when he proposed to Kate Nathan in Friday night’s episode, Mo Hannah surprised her not only with a proposal but also a wedding. 

The bride chose to wear red instead of the traditional white when the couple took their blended family – Curtis, Jack, Leroy and Blue – to the registry office for a spur of the moment, intimate ceremony. 

It feels like it's been a long time coming, but it’s actually quite sudden for the couple who only recently got back together.

They initially split last year after Mo cheated on Kate with his estranged wife Margaret. 

At the time, Kate couldn’t forgive Mo and ended up in the arms of another man – none other than Mo’s best friend and Shortland Street’s resident ‘Doctor Love’ Chris Warner.

Finally back together and now man and wife, Kate and Mo took their wedding celebrations to The IV, where Chris was one of the first to see the happy couple.

The face of a man whose best friend just married his ex

The look on Chris’ face really said it all. But in classy Warner style he told Mo that “the best man won” (which is only a slightly awkward thing to say at a friend’s wedding).

We do feel for Chris, who had been looking like he regretted his split with Kate.

His parting words to Sass as he left the IV were heart-breaking. “Lesson learned,” he said. “Don’t pass on a good thing.”

But is it really happily ever after for Mo and Kate? Have they really dealt with Mo’s cheating? Only time will tell.

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