Lucy Lovegrove as Sass Warner.

She’s certainly been through a lot over the past year so it’s about time Sass Warner found happiness on Shortland Street.

On Finn and Esther’s wedding day, Sass found out that Hawks, the man she loves, was actually alive and well in Turkey and not dead as she had feared.

Hawks was working in a war zone for Doctors Without Borders until he went missing after a bombing and was presumed dead.

Finding out Hawks was alive was a dream come true for Sass… after an initial hiccup where his identity was questioned and she felt like she’d lost him all over again.

But Sass finally got to talk to Hawks and see him on a video call, confirming he was alive but that he had to have his leg amputated. 

Hawks told her to forget him and move on with her life but Sass knew what she had to do.

How could the triplets - Frank, Sass and Finn - ever be separated?

“There’s a flight tonight, I’m going to be on it”, she told Chris as she said goodbye, asking him not to tell her triplet siblings Frank and Finn until after the wedding celebrations had finished.

The next we saw her she was happily reunited with Hawks and not planning on returning to Ferndale any time soon. 

What will we do without Sass? 

The cast of Shortland Street share their favourite memories from working with Lucy Lovegrove aka Sass Warner: