Ria Vandervis plays Harper Whitley on Shortland Street.

Best friends and former Shortland Street co-stars Ria Vandervis and Amelia Reid-Meredith have found an inspiring way to remember Amelia’s mother Robyn Reid, who died of bowel cancer in May 2017.

The pair, who have been friends since they met playing Dr Harper Whitley and receptionist Bella Durville on the drama, will be running in the Saint Clair Half Marathon in Marlborough next month for the charity Beat Bowel Cancer.

Amelia Reid-Meredith left Shortland Street in 2016.

“We’re doing it in honour of Mum and however we finish, we’ll be thinking about her journey each step of the way,” Amelia told Woman’s Day

She left Shortland Street in 2016 to nurse her mother through her battle with bowel cancer and the half-marathon will take place almost a year to the day since Robyn passed away. 

Amelia says she wants to raise awareness and get people talking about the disease, which is New Zealand’s second deadliest form of cancer.

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You can donate to Beat Bowel Cancer through Ameila and Ria's fundraising pages: