Sam Bunkall and Ben Barrington as Boyd and Drew.

They may not always agree, but here’s why Droyd are #friendshipgoals!

1. They have the funniest arguments

Their scrap over frying or baking chips for their new charge Ezra was a particularly glorious moment.

There were strong words, followed by a bit of pushing and shoving and it resulted in potatoes being flung all over the kitchen. 

2. They are 100% honest with each other

Remember when Boyd told Drew he was “actively proving Harper’s man-child theory”?

Not to be outdone, Drew also told Boyd that he’s “managed to drive away very woman you’ve ever loved.” Harsh but fair guys. 

3. And they are 100% relatable

When Drew found out about TK and Harper's one-night stand he went on a fitness spree (we’ve all been there).

But when a treadmill arrived on their doorstep, neither Boyd nor Drew could move the box. Nothing beat their looks of horror as TK carried it easily through the door. Yeah, we’d hate that guy too.

4. They share their fears

Boyd and Drew share a healthy respect bordering on fear of TK. Boyd reminded Drew how foolish it was to have a vendetta against “a guy who has a punching bag in his bedroom”. That’s just good sense.

5. They know each other’s weaknesses

Boyd used a Sally Lunn to torture Drew when he was on his health kick.

They’re definitely not above being a little bit cruel to make a point.

Boyd pays close attention to the state of Drew's lapels.

6. They give each other good advice

When Drew decided he wanted to join Ferndale’s dating site IQT, Boyd had some feedback about his profile.“Your bio is just awful,” he told Drew. “There’s only one picture on here and it’s of your bank balance.”

Boyd then gave him tips on using the app. That’s what best friends are for!

7. They enjoy the same things

When it comes to relaxing at home, Boyd and Drew are on the same page.

Rather than beers and sports, these guys are much happier ‘smashing’ Sally Lunns and binge-watching Antiques Roadshow

8. They look out for each other

Tie need straightening? Fluff on a lapel? These two dudes have got each other’s backs.

9. They’re just so in tune

Can these guys entertain with an impromptu beat-boxing session? You bet they can! 

10. They would do anything for each other

Boyd hassled Harper about driving a motorcycle while pregnant so Drew didn’t have to. “You owe me big time”, Boyd said after Harper called him a muppet.

11. They’re besties in real life too

That’s right, life imitates art for Sam Bunkall (Boyd) and Ben Barrington (Drew)! We wonder if they’re Sally Lunn fans in real life too?

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