Join us for a look inside the weird and wonderful inner world of Damo!

On the hospital hierarchy: “Surgeons think they’re god, but they’re just poncy private school boys who are too posh to become butchers” 

When he was too afraid to go to the dentist: “Dentists! Charging like a wounded bull to make up for the fact they weren’t smart enough to be doctors. They’ll put me in more pain, the state-sanctioned sadists. Freaks who get off on penetrating strangers’ orifices”  

When he confessed to more than he should: “Sometimes when I fart I blame Pele” 

How he feels about Canadians: “Moose-munching maniacs!”

When he believed the house was cursed: “I’m rational to a fault Leelee but this has just got me very triggered. It’s the power of a good picture book” 

On hangovers: “No memory of actual events but an overriding sense of shame?” 

When he met the Followers of the Light: “We seek Dawn. The person, not the sunrise”

How he feels about Vinnie: “You are the wind beneath my water wings” 

Damo and his food baby.

When his fears got the better of him: “I’m not going to be responsible for my bodily functions” 

When he was caught out: “I elasticised the truth mildly”

When Dawn returned from the wilderness: “Your tricksy tongue’s not going to work on me you jasmine-scented forest witch” 

When he kept Vinnie in line: “Got everything? Passport, neck pillow, morals?” 

When he was at his most classy: “Hey, do we still want a child? Because I think I’m having a food baby”

When he sees public displays of affection: “It’s like watching goldfish eat each other”

On hot yoga: "You know I've got thermostat issues... and issues with folding my body into the shape of a pretzel"

When he's preoccupied: “Aliens can wait. I’m too busy thinking about hot, shirtless men with abs”