Damo's condition is revealed.

Damo is mortified. Humiliated.

Is it the laxatives? The prostate massage? Just age? It happens, doesn’t it?

As accidents go, there are worse ones to have – though few more explosive...

However, what can be brushed off as a mishap corrected easily by some adult diapers or remedial potty-training, can actually be an early sign of something much more serious.

Bowel cancer affects more people in New Zealand than breast and prostate cancer combined, yet it has the least public awareness.

Caught early, bowel cancer has a high survival rate and a good long-term prognosis.

But all of that relies on people being less embarrassed to talk about their symptoms.

Here at Shortland Street, we’re devoted to bringing awareness to the issues of everyday New Zealanders. 

What is happening to Damo happens to Kiwis all over the country, and it’s time that we stopped letting embarrassment get in the way.

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