With the 25th Anniversary fast approaching, we decided to take a trip down memory lane. Here's a look back at some of the precious bubs born on Shortland Street.

Welcome to Shortland Street...

The very first baby arrived in the very first episode. Lisa Stanton was was involved in a car crash when she went into labour. Renegade Doctor, Hone Ropata, insisted that there wasn’t enough time to refer her to child birth facilities. So the baby was delivered right then and there!


Carrie's Triplets

Carrie's biological clock was ticking and she decided to have children on her own. Several of her colleagues offered to be the father, but none were men that Carrie wanted permanently in her life. She set things up so that no one would know who the father of her triplets was. They were in fact Chris Warner's offspring.

Tuesday Warner

Carmen was adamant she didn't want children, so Guy decided true love was more important than babies. However, Carmen discovered she was pregnant, and Guy he was overjoyed when she decided to keep the baby. Their daughter, Tuesday Warner, was born in dramatic fashion after the Toroa ferry broke its moorings in a storm and drifted out to sea.

Rose Kearney

Ellen and David were a hugely popular couple. When Ellen fell pregnant, they tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony. Baby Rose was born a couple of weeks later. Sadly, Rose died of cot death eight months after their wedding, Ellen and David were devastated. 

Maria Pratt-Marinovich

Tiffany Pratt was pregnant when she had a terrible accident the line of duty. Saving a man from committing suicide, she slipped and fell. Baby Maria was born by emergency C-section, and then husband Johnny had the heart-breaking job of turning of Tiff's life support.

Harry Warner

Party girl Toni Thompson fell pregnant but was unsure of her baby's father. Chris suspected early on that Harrywas his son, but it took a little while to confirm. When it was eventually revealed, Chris and Toni reconciled and married, making Harry's family unit complete.

Lukas Harrison

Nick Harrison and Angela Weaver were very much in love when she fell pregnant. Nick embraced the prospect of being a dad, however his happiness was short-lived when Angela discovered she had cancer. Baby Lucas arrived, but his mother knew she didn’t have long to live. Waverly and Nick turned to each other, and Wave became the mother Angela never had the chance to be.

Tina-Anne Harrison

The Harrisons become one of the show's most endearing families.  Lucas loved Wave like his own mother. When baby Tina-Anne was born in the show’s 3000th episode, their family was complete.

Rangimarie Hudson

After the heartbreaking loss of their first baby, Ngakau, Tama and Shannon drifted apart and broke up. However, they were eventually reunited and fell pregnant with their second child. Baby Rangimarie Hudson was born at the end of 2005. Amber Cureen who played Shannon, was also pregnant in real life, and so the writers were able to incorporate the pregnancy into storylines. Amber's own baby, Mia, played Rangimarie on the show.

Jay Jeffries

Maia Jeffries had long dreamed of becoming a mother. Maia and her partner Jay investigated different possibilities for finding a sperm donor but all the options fell through. In a desperate last resort to get pregnant, Maia did the unthinkable. She used her sister Tania's new husband to inseminate herself. Tragically, Jay was murdered before the baby arrived, so the baby boy was named after her.

Morgan's Triplets

Kind-hearted Morgan Braithwaite initially agreed to be a surrogate for Cindy and Trent Watson. When they discovered she was pregnant with triplets, Cindy and Trent weren't keen on the idea of three babies. Morgan decided that she would raise the triplets herself, and she struggled through the pregnancy. When they finally arrived, she realised that she didn't have a claim to them, and returned them to Cindy and Trent.

Kelly Piper

Several weeks after a drunken bender, party girl Alice Piper discovered that she was pregnant. She had no idea who the father was. Despite her initial reservations, Alice decided to keep the baby, and began to embrace the idea of motherhood. Unfortunately, the baby was born prematurely. Every effort was made to save baby Kelly, but tragically, she passed away a few weeks after she was born.

Tillie Potts

Tillie was conceived when TK and Sarah reunited for one last night of passion before Sarah headed off to America. After Sarah left, TK moved on with his life. Sarah returned to Ferndale, visibly pregnant, dropping the bombshell on TK. Tillie Potts had a spectacular entry in to the world. She was born in a ditch in the middle of the countryside! Perhaps this was an indication that her life was destined to be tumultuous! 

Ula Levi

Teenage Ula broke her parents' hearts when she revealed that she was pregnant. Having kept it a secret for several months, she had to come clean when she required an x-ray. She refused to reveal who the baby's father was. She made a monumental decision, and announced she was going to adopt the baby out. Grandmother Vasa found it hard to let go though.

Luca Durville

Zlata returned to Romania after Luke broke her heart. After Luke's death, she turned up on the Coopers' doorstep with baby Luca! Zlata claimed that Luke was the baby's father, so the Cooper family took her in. Bella instantly fell in love with baby Luca, and helped Zlata to get through her post-natal depression. Bella eventually had to understand that clinging to Luca wouldn't bring Luke back.

Trinity Warner

Grace Kwan was pregnant with Chris's child, but he chose to hide it. Grace lied to him, telling him that she had a miscarriage. Chris was devastated, but got on with his life. He accidentally discovered that Grace was still pregnant, and that she was trapped in Fiji. Chris traveled to Suva, and was horrified to discover that Grace had gone into labour on the side of a remote island road.

Pele Kruse

Nicole Miller and Vinnie Kruse decided to be together after months of on-again off-again drama. Nicole was slightly shell-shocked, finding herself in the role of stepmother to Vinnie's son Michael. Her shock intensified when she discovered she was pregnant soon after. A ready-made family was not quite what she'd had in mind. After some soul searching, they decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. 

Stevie Isaac

Bella Cooper's bundle of joy had a rough start, after her waters broke at a Shortland Street awards party. Father Jimmy suffered a heart attack in the delivery room, giving everyone a scare. Stevie was born with breathing difficulties, and had to undergo surgery in her first year of life.