We’re launching this pilot ahead of rolling out captioning more widely to our OnDemand entertainment offering before the year’s out. 

To access captions, select the captions icon and then en-nz at the bottom right of the video player.

What devices support TVNZ OnDemand captions?

OnDemand captions are available on the following supported devices and end points:

• Web (Laptop / Desktop)

• IOS (Mobile & Tablet)

• Android (Mobile & Tablet)

Captioning will be available on 75% of TVNZ OnDemand supported devices and endpoints. 

While captions won’t be available on Chromecast or connected TVs at launch, most NZ households will be covered one way or the other given the average New Zealander has 3.6 screens.

Will old episodes of Shortland Street be captioned OnDemand?

We’ll have captions available for all new Shortland Street episodes from 16 September. There are no plans to go back and add captions to older episodes.

When will TVNZ OnDemand captions be available on Chromecast and smart TVs?

Unfortunately, captions are not supported on connected TVs and Chromecast at this time. 

Why aren’t OnDemand ads captioned?

The technology we use to stream ads and programme content run on two different systems– for now, we’ve focused on getting captioning up and running for the show content. We’ll look into OnDemand ad captioning down the track.

Example of closed captions on a Shortland Street episode

What should I do? The captions are not working properly for me.

Sorry to hear that! Drop us a line and let us know what’s playing up and we’ll get to the bottom of it for you. We’re keen to improve the service before we roll out captioning more widely OnDemand and your feedback helps us with that work. Contact us: https://helptvnz.zendesk.com/

When will more captioned content be available OnDemand? And what will be available?

The Shortland Street OnDemand pilot is the first step towards making our content more universally accessible. It gives us an opportunity to closely monitor and improve captioning performance ahead of us rolling out captioning more widely.

Before the year’s out, we’ll extend OnDemand captioning to our entertainment line-up – bringing it more in line with what we already do in the broadcast TV space. So you can expect hit shows like Home & Away, Coronation Street, Police Ten 7 and Country Calendar will have captions available OnDemand in the very near future. 

We’ll be focusing on offering captions for new episodes as they’re added to our OnDemand line-up, rather than going back and offering captions for past episodes.

In this next phase, our live channel streams and live-to-air shows like 1 NEWS won’t be captioned OnDemand unfortunately – as there’s a lot more work required to get that in place.  That’s something we’ll look to add in the future.