Vinnie left in 2006 to set up home in London with his pregnant girlfriend, Jemima. Vinnie and Jemima never got round to getting married, but their baby boy Michael took Vinnie's surname, Kruse. 

Vinnie tried to be a good family man at the same time he held down a full-time nursing  job, but giving up the party-boy lifestyle didn't come easily to him. As his popularity at work increased, his relationship with Jemima became more and more strained.   

Eventually Jemima left him, taking their son with her. Vinnie tried to move on but he held on to hope that he would be reunited with his family. When Jemima rang to break the news that their relationship was over, Vinnie was devastated.

He quit his job after an out of character tirade, and feeling stupid and furious, caught a plane back home.  

Back in Ferndale, the break-up of his family troubled Vinnie for a long time. 

Eventually Jemima returned, and they now share custody of Michael.

Since then, he developed a relationship with Nicole Miller. The two are now happily married, with a son of their own, Pele.