Dr TK Samuels arrived in town at the end of an international backpacking tour. 

His journeys left him crumpled and travel worn, but it was obvious that he'd scrub up very well.

Sarah Potts was less than impressed with what she saw, but TK was smitten by the feisty ED Doc. He proved a steadfast friend throughout Sarah's ups and downs.

His marriage to Sarah culminated in a dream come true for TK. 

TK and Sarah's life was disrupted by the arrival of TK's challenging teenage nephews, Tane and Wiremu. Finding himself an instant parent to a pair of troublesome (but loveable) lads was a daily challenge.

Even his relationship to Sarah had to take a backseat as he dealt with the boys.

Sarah was diagnosed with MS in 2008. After months of keeping her illness secret, Sarah finally revealed her condition to TK.

The two decided to start a family and Sarah became pregnant. But the MS caused a severe spike in Sarah's symptoms and they terminated the pregnancy. 

When Sarah's son Daniel came to live with them, TK tried to help his wife her son's delinquency.  Daniel returned to Samoa after it became clear his bad behaviour was causing stress.

At Christmas 2009 Sarah decided they should separate. TK was devastated. 

In 2011, he was instantly attracted to new ED nurse Roimata Ngatai. It appeared TK had finally found the woman to mend his broken heart - then Sarah arrived back in Ferndale, pregnant with his child.

TK asked Roimata to marry him. Their wedding day was a disaster, with TK going missing when he found out Sarah had gone into labour. Sarah gave birth to their daughter, Tillie while Roimata fumed.

The two later made amends and they married quietly in the Bay of Islands. While Sarah went to rehab, TK juggled work and fatherhood. TK's marriage to Roimata ended when she begun an affair, and she was later killed, suffering injuries from a tragic explosion. 

TK and Sarah reconciled after almost four years apart, and got engaged once more. However, Sarah's MS relapsed, tragically leaving TK and Tillie on their own once more.