Nicole is an experienced theatre nurse with a real passion for the job. 

She has always been a fast learner and has gone from strength to strength in her career. 

Nicole is outgoing and exudes confidence in social situations.  

Nicole has had no shortage of suitors of both sexes, but has had relatively few long-term relationships. 

Nicole had a volatile relationship with her mother and was much closer to her father. Thus she was heart-broken when he died in his fifties from cancer. 

Nicole misses her father terribly and has never quite been able to get over his death. She was shocked when she learnt that she had a half-sister, Morgan Braithwaite. After Nicole's father died, Nicole felt the need to meet this mystery sibling and thus arrived in Ferndale.

Having only just established her relationship with Morgan, it was hardly surprising that Nicole was devastated by Morgan's death.

In 2013, Nicole became the Director of Nursing. She soon left her partying ways behind her as she embraced a new sense of responsibility.

Nicole's friendship with former flatmate Vinnie Kruse eventually spilled over into romance. The two are happily married, living with their young son Pele.