Mo is Jack and Curtis' dad, a strong looking man with a natural sense of charisma and mana.

He's warm, funny and effortlessly charming - an eternally optimistic solo dad.

Mo's never been well-off. But once he started having kids with his childhood sweetheart, Margaret, money became even scarcer. Mo cheered himself and the family by having fun where he could find it.  

Mo's never been one to care too much about the consequences; he prefers to live in the moment and make everyone around him happy. But his carefree ways eventually caused so much tension in his marriage that Margaret left him, along with Curtis, to work in Australia. Mo was devastated.

He has taken charge of the kids in his own generous, slightly loose, big-hearted way and is currently doing his best to get by.

Mo's proud, he doesn't want people to know he or his kids are struggling. Despite this, and the fact he can't bring himself to accept charity, he's very humble in his manner.

He's a very hard worker and isn't good at just sitting idle.

Mo is a good man – an unlikely hero, even, in his own way – who refuses to be beaten down by the difficulties he faces.

He's a firm believer that most people are essentially good, and is exceedingly generous in nature.

Mo is ruled by his heart and this is both a great strength and a flaw – one that has caused him to spoil his kids and let them off when they're in trouble.