Kylie Brown is bright and bubbly – a party girl with a heart of gold. She has a great sense of humour and people are drawn to her fun-loving attitude. Kylie enjoys unwinding with a wine or two after work at the I.V.

Kylie grew up in the small rural town of Geraldine with her parents and her older sister, Julia. Kylie had a happy childhood which she shared with previous Shortland Street staff members, her best friends, Lana and Emma.

Kylie arrived in Ferndale after learning from Lana that Boyd Rolleston had taken a position at the hospital. They suspected he was involved in the mysterious death of her sister. Together with Lana and Emma she made a pact to get to the bottom of Julia's death.

It became apparent that Julia is in fact still alive and Kylie and the girls were forced to admit they were wrong about Boyd.

Kylie was a competent nurse, even if a little nervous at times.

Kylie's mother Norelle sadly fell victim to breast cancer, so Kylie had a double mastectomy to prevent the suffering the same illness. 

She was suspended from nursing when she gave in to the sick Norelle's pleas, and assisted her in ending her own life. 

Kylie is now back working at Shortland Street in the job that she loves.