Young doctor Esther is the daughter of TK's cousin. She's much younger than TK, and more like his niece, so has always addressed him as Uncle. She looks up to him, having heard all about him growing up.

Never one to follow fashion, Esther prefers trackies and trainers whenever she can get away with it.

She doesn't usually have time for romance – she's too busy living life to the fullest.

However, Esther has a lot of love to give, evidenced by her very easygoing and warm friendships. But, while she forges friendships easily, she often lacks the time and patience to maintain them.

Esther's something of a firecracker and has a habit of pushing back against authority figures – especially when the figure in question is Uncle TK.

She's a self-starter, and has worked hard to do well at medical school.

Fiercely independent, with a very direct manner, Esther's chock-full of knowledge, but knows she still has a lot to learn too.

Her pride sometimes prevents her asking for help even when she knows she needs it, a flaw she will have to learn to overcome. It's also the reason she's never sought help for her fear of needles, choosing to hide it instead.

She has a wicked sense of humor and runs rings around anyone who challenges her.