A highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon, Chris is head of the wealthy Warner family. He's worked at Shortland Street since the early days, as well as practicing in America for several years.

He has been married four times, engaged countless times, and is affectionately known as 'Dr Love.'

Chris' son Harry was born in 2002, from his tempestuous marriage to wife Toni Thompson. A series of ill-advised affairs destroyed Chris' marriage to Toni. Before they could decide upon their future, Toni had a fatal reaction to dialysis and passed away.

In 2009 his former flame, Rachel McKenna, returned to the hospital and made her intentions clear - she was there to win Chris back.

In August 2010 Chris was shocked to learn that he had a son by one of his early wives, Alison. 14-year-old Phoenix came to live with him in Ferndale.

Rachel moved in with Chris and they have a very stable relationship despite some speed bumps in the past.

Since spending time in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Chris has been keen to help those less fortunate. When he learned his friend Gus was dying from cancer, Chris ended up taking in Gus' delinquent son Jared.

Chris received a brain injury after a family day out with Rachel and his boys, but he made a full recovery.

His grown-up children Finn, Sass and Frank recently moved to Ferndale, and they all work together at Shortland Street.