No-nonsense surgeon Boyd Rolleston is the eldest son of a wealthy, old money family of South Island farmers.

Despite an extremely privileged upbringing, Boyd was brought up to pull his weight and remains humble and unaffected to this day. Though he boarded at the very best schools, holidays were spent baling hay and moving stock.

A 'service before self' ethic has been drilled into him since an early age.

As the eldest son, the expectation was clear that Boyd would take over the family’s considerable farms and holdings. But instead of agriculture and business studies, Boyd was drawn to study medicine, something his father still holds against him.

His down-to-earth, unpretentious attitude quickly won him credit with both professors and patients and his immaculate track record has earned him a lot of fans in the medical community.

Chris held a grudge against Boyd ever since he played a prank on his peers. But eventually, Boyd’s strong work ethic came to the fore and the two surgeons became more agreeable with one another.

Honest and friendly, with a wry sense of humour, Boyd is quick to make friends regardless of status. It's as common to see him sharing a laugh with the nurses as it is to see him consulting with the hospital elite.