Reid Walker had just about decided to throw in the towel with his acting when he got the call telling him he was being offered the role of Harry Warner. 

Walker and had been auditioning for roles for several years without success when he was asked to try out for the part of Chris Warner’s youngest son. 

He and parents decided that if he didn’t get the part, they would leave the acting idea for a while and take up other hobbies. Needless to say, they were all blown away when the news came through.

With no formal acting training and only nine years old at the time, the talented youngster quickly adapted to life on Shortland Street and has now been a pivotal part of the show for the four years, taking Harry from wayward child to rebellious pre-teen during that time.

Born and bred in Auckland, Walker has always been interested in acting, participating in school plays throughout much of his schooling career.

Walker currently juggles his work at Shortland Street along with attending as much of the school week as he possibly can.

He lives at home with his mother, father and older brother and enjoys playing cricket and playing on PS3 whenever he gets any spare time.