No newcomer to acting, Rebekah has numerous short films under her belt, as well as the female lead in the film Ghost Bride. But she says nothing compares to the fast pace of Shortland Street.

How did you get the role on SS? 

My agent sent me through the audition and I went for it. About a week later I was called in for a call back audition. About an hour and a half after the call back my agent rang me to tell me I got the role! I then had to walk back into the office I was working in and quit my job. Eeeek! 

Name 3 similarities between you and your character?

Both Dawn and I grew up in the country and moved to Auckland.

We are both really bubbly girls who like to think we are helping gout others.  

We both have a few blonde moments here and there.

Which other Character would you like to be and why? 

I think I would like to be Sass. She has a way of saying what everyone is thinking and gets away with it!

What are your Hobbies and interests out of SS? 

Wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Baking cakes, and spending as much time as possible in, on or by the ocean. 

What is your favourite destination in NZ and overseas? 

Favourite place in NZ is my hometown of Whangamata. Favourite overseas would have to be Thailand! 

What is your DOB and what star sign are you? 

My birthday is the 31st March, making me an Aries! 

What is the one thing you enjoy about going to work every day? 

Probably seeing everyone! SS is like a big family. Everyone is so lovely and there is always time for a laugh. 

Have you made any friends amongst the cast and crew? 

Lucy Lovegrove was one of the first friends I made when I joined SS. She took me under her wing and answered any questions I had. I soon became friends with Ruby Lyon and Ngahuia also. 

Can you remember your first day on SS - what was it like? 

I just remember being so nervous that my legs were shaking. During my scene and I was trying so hard to trying not to forget my lines. When you step on set there is so much going on and they move so quickly it was a little overwhelming to begin with! 

How many brothers or sisters do you have? 

I have an older brother Adam and a little sister Hannah.