Talented actor Pua Magasiva returned to Shortland Street for a third time when he reprised his role as prankster nurse, Vinnie Kruse, a role he last played in 2005.

The younger brother of Shortland Street alumni, Robbie Magasiva (Maxwell Avia), Pua partially credits his big brother for inspiring him to become an actor. It was Robbie who signed Pua, and his twin brother Tanu up to an acting agency when they were in their teens and Pua quickly began picking up roles in television series and on commercials. Since that time he has gained an extensive acting CV in all genres.

His first television gig was for Shortland Street in 1999 when he played Elvis Iosefa, a relative of Louie Iosefa (Shimpal Lelisi), from there he gained roles in the critically acclaimed Maori Language series Aroha, was a lead role in the popular American kids series Power Rangers and then gained a core cast role on Shortland Street in 2002.

After leaving Shortland Street in 2005, Pua went on to star in the smash hit movie Sione's Wedding, where he teamed up with members of the comedy group the Naked Samoans, including big brother Robbie. Pua also starred in the sequel to Sione's, Sione's 2: Unfinished Business which was released in 2012.

Pua's movie CV also includes The Other Side of Heaven, Aikdiko Insane, Crime Story and 30 Days of Night which starred well-known American actor, Josh Hartnett. More recently, he has had roles on television series such as Diplomatic Immunity, award-winning Australian drama East West 101 and the telefeature Panic at Rock Island, which also starred kiwi's Anna Hutchison and Grant Bowler.

Theatre credits include Island Girls, Sex with Strangers, Two Days in a Dream and Where We Once Belonged. After taking a break from theatre for several years, Pua has been back treading the boards in a big way in 2011 with lead roles in three theatre productions including Pollyhood in Mumuland, Well Hung and the critically acclaimed Silo Theatre performance of The Brothers Size.

Amongst this extensive acting list, Pua has also found time to train and work as a personal trainer in Australia. He counts exercise and physical education as a personal passion and is known to take many of Shortland Street actors through intensive training sessions. He also admits to having a secret obsession with Play Station games.

Born in Samoa, Pua moved to Wellington, New Zealand when he was just two years old. As well as oldest brother Robbie and twin Tanu, Pua also has two other brothers, Steven and Miki and a little sister, Trina. He also has a partner, Kourtney and a young daughter, Jasmine.