Where did you grow up?

Papakura in South Auckland.

How long have you been acting and how did you get your first big break?

I did my first ever show when I was 5th form (year 11) at highschool but I never wanted to be an actor. It was always rugby. I played 1st XV for Rosehill College and I found it quite hard transitioning from working hard in footy to then wiping the slate clean and diving head first into acting.

Through my 7th form year, I was going to focus solely on rugby, but after I was hospitalised with a back injury from a collapsed scrum, I had to rethink options post school and give something else a go. I then did a whole heap of musical theatre around Auckland and then I decided to go all in and I’ve been hooked since then.

My first big break was when I did a US drama doco straight after I left drama school. It was about the gangsters Al Capone, Bugs Moran and Sam Giancana. I had heaps of fun on that, running around with guns, dressed in old school clothing and cool cars. That was my first taste of professional screen work and I have been lucky to have worked pretty consistently since then.

If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?

If I'm not acting, I am usually found behind the camera as a DOP or camera operator with a production company that me and my partner run.

I just really like telling stories in the form of film. So any way that I can be involved, I will try and get stuck in!

What is your favourite place to travel?

It would be Port Waikato. I spent a lot of time there when I was a young fulla. I love the vast landscapes, the smell of the river flowing into the ocean, the surf, the dive spots and the memories it holds.

Go there if you get the chance.

What star sign are you, and do you believe in horoscopes?

Virgo. I do have fun reading them. I'm not sure if I do, but I always find that I can line them up to my life. I don't know if that is because they are true or because our imagination is an incredible thing!

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a beautiful big Labrador x retriever called Tai. He has an awesome vibe and just loves meeting people. So I looooove hanging out with him.

What would be your last meal if you were on death row? Anything you want.

My Mum's carrot cake. Straight up - The. Best. Ever.

None of that Carrot and raisin, or that carrot and fruit trick. It is straight carrot with cream cheese icing. Oh and she puts blueberries on the top. Amazing. I wouldn't ask for one though, I reckon 2. To go out well. And full.

What is your favourite film of all time and why?

The Pursuit of Happyness. I love the amount of human heart in that film. I think that as an actor we can have a lot of power to influence people when they watch a character and if the character shows their flaws, that he/she/they aren’t perfect, I think that is a great thing.

Which other actors/actresses do you hang out with most between takes?

I hang with Jaydz, Awhimai, Luke, Tane, Reuben and Laurel and Holly. I knew a few of them before going on Shorty so have heaps of fun. I do wish Ben Barrington wasn't so scary so I could talk to him. He has a motorcycle and so do I and I am keen to ride with him but I haven't even been able to speak to him yet!

What’s the best experience you’ve had with a fan/fans?

Well this is the funniest - I had just dropped off my Partner to the Airport for her trip to the US for six weeks. Mum and I were their to say bye and Mum had been crying while we were there and so I was trying to be the tough one and stay dry eyed.

This worked until I was in the car and I put on a sad song and was seriously crying. Ugly crying. I pull up at the traffic lights and I was trying to wipe my eyes dry, when I feel the people in the car next to me look over and they recognize me as Tank.

They start beeping their horn to get my attention and start filming me with their phone and I am trying to be really cool and act like I am fine but I am literally bawling. That was crack up.

Can you remember your first day on Shortland Street – what was it like?

It was the day that Tank drops Curtis off the climbing wall. I shot 11 scenes that day, which is heaps in screen acting land so it was super daunting but I loved it.